Santa Maria El Mirador
Dear Friends and Partners,

As the coronavirus continues to impact our community,  we recognize the many challenges facing our community and the clients we serve.  I want to assure everyone that we are following guidance from our Governor and her staff,  the CDC, national and all local governments to take extra precautions in every area of our organization. As a nonprofit serving individuals living with disabilities, we are committed to  maintaining the highest care standards for our participants and staff.  

I am especially thankful for our dedicated staff who are proactively and collaboratively responding to the needs of our vulnerable population while caring for their own families.   They are to be commended for their unselfish professional response during these difficult times.  We have taken numerous  measures to protect our participants, employees, and the community.  Some are listed below:

1. We feel that at this time it is in everyone’s best interest if we suspend future admissions until further assessment of our staff capacity.
2. Our staff have implemented a comprehensive specific COVID-19 Emergency Action Plan to ensure the health and safety of staff and participants. 

3. We have designed and implemented meaningful day activities in the homes and in safe places to avoid congregating in the community.
4. We have developed a Care Plan for participants and staff to address the many behavioral health issues that may come up as a result of stress, fear and concern. 

The health and safety of our employees and participants is our priority. As this situation evolves, we will continue to adapt and inform you as necessary.  Thank you so much for your understanding and support.  

All the best, 
Patsy Romero, CEO